Social media private privacy issues

Social Media Private Privacy Issues Essay

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Top Five Social Media Privacy Concerns

As social media continues to take advantage of mobile devices and location-based services, the potential for privacy and security threats increases. In fact, most people’s smartphones automatically collect location data continuously, and social media apps are some of the heaviest users of this data.

Nov 16,  · When using these social media sites, it's quite important to know and understand the privacy risks involved. I recently had an encounter withPhilip Scala, a. Social media is less than six years old. This is a brand new medium, and we are just now beginning to recognize its potential consequences.

Something as harmless as a picture of a baby in a tub. Become familiar with the privacy settings available on any social network you use, and review your privacy settings frequently.

On Facebook, for example, you may want to make sure that your default privacy setting is "Friends Only". The problems plaguing social network security and privacy issues, for now, can only be resolved if users take a more careful approach to what they share and how much.

Social network security and privacy issues result from the astronomical amounts of information these sites process each day.

Privacy concerns with social networking services

Features that invite users to participate in—messages when social media platforms store private data, they also have complete access to that material as well.

California is also taking steps to protect the.

Social media private privacy issues
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