Tutankhamun gold mask

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Mask of Tutankhamun

A former director of the argument and a former northern of restoration were among those facing legitimate. Watch video · Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves told Egyptian news service Ahram Online the famous gold death mask of Tutankhamun was in.

A new analysis of Tutankhamun’s golden death mask has led to a radical new theory – the mask was originally made for Nefertiti, step mother of Tutankhamun, as a co-regent to her husband king Akhenaten.

The exhibition does not include the gold mask that was a feature of the – tour, as the Egyptian government has decided that damage which occurred to previous artifacts on tours precludes this one from joining them.

The restored mask of Tutankhamun at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Photograph: Mohamed El-Shahed/AFP/Getty Images Egypt has put the restored gold mask of Tutankhamun back on display after German. A discussion concerning how the King Tut exhibit transformed museums, from the documentary Riches, Rivals, On the king’s head was a magnificent golden portrait mask, Tutankhamun: pectoral Pectoral of gold, silver, and semiprecious stones, from the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Bust " Tutankhamun’s Gold Mask" (Reduction) ars mundi presents a high-quality detailed replica of Tutankhamun’s mask as handy reduction at optimum size for desk and shelf display.

Each piece was hand-cast and lavishly gilded with sheet metal and painted.

Tutankhamun gold mask
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Tutankhamun Death Mask was Made for Nefertiti, Archaeologist says | Ancient Origins